Acrylic plates, original designs on sinks and washbasins, more than 90 color options

Original Designs and Color Harmony

Acrylic plates, sinks and washbasins that we sell are produced in a wide variety of internationally accepted standards, in more than 90 colors for original design, color harmony and usage areas.

The wide-ranging and innovative applications of Acrylic Solid Surface Plates are the result of the collaborative work of high-quality industrial production and creative planning with quality craftsmanship. Acrylic Solid Surface Plates are ideal for the neutral presentation of products and goods used for hotel and store arrangement, as well as public institutions such as hotels, restaurants, store fixtures, museums, administrative buildings, airports, and hospitals. They are also used in laboratory applications, spa facilities, ship and caravan construction, as well as in custom kitchens and bathrooms. The possibilities for use in interior and exterior space design, furniture making, wall covering, and facade cladding provide architects and planners with creative freedom in design. They also offer restaurant operators stylish, durable, and low-maintenance indoor spaces.

What is Acrylic Solid Surface?

Acrylic Solid Surface is a non-porous and homogeneous surface coating material, consisting of approximately 1/3 acrylic resin PMMA and 2/3 aluminum extracted from bauxite, a mineral from which aluminum trihydrate (ATH) is obtained.

What is ATH (Aluminum trihydrate)?

Aluminum trihydrate is the largest volume flame retardant in the world and does not have a corrosive power. It exposes the water molecules inside at high temperatures to reduce flame spread and smoke formation. When heated to 200 °C, Al(OH)3 dissolves into 66% Alumina and 34% water. This reversible process makes ATH a fire retardant and retardant.


Turns Creative Visions into Reality

→ Hygienic

→ Nonporous

→ Shapeable

→ Without attachment

→ Repairable

→ Stain Resistant

→ Easy to Clean

→ Original

No Compromise Design

With its innovative designs and color palette, Corian® will make all your design dreams come true for your home. Make your dreams come true by choosing a quality product that will survive any situation that life will bring. Enjoy the comfort of choosing a surface that will last a lifetime!

High quality surface coating material

Staron, an indoor and outdoor material with various colors and patterns; curved, seamlessly machined, easy to maintain, allowing for creative designs.
It has none of the disadvantages of natural marble such as contamination, lack of workability and limited color, and it is also a non-porous, environmentally friendly material.

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Eco-Friendly Choice

Sustainable design that leaves a big mark on the design world, not on the environment

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