A hygienic appearance is very important in health institutions. Also, the first priority of the design is to prevent infection. The surface materials used play a critical role in helping you create a safer healthcare environment.
Acrylic solid surface has a non-porous structure and when used correctly, it gives effective results and does not allow the formation of bacteria and mold.

The main areas of use in the health sector are;

Effective Solutions for Hygienic Surfaces

It gives effective results in public areas, on the walls of operating rooms, cleaning rooms, shower trays and skirting boards.

• Easy to clean and maintain.
• It is hygienic.
• It has a non-porous surface that offers a smooth and flawless appearance.
• Extremely durable and long-lasting.
• Easily renewed and repaired.
• It is flexible and versatile.
• It is resistant to stains.
• It is resistant to slips.