Public spaces always require high-end design. Whether it’s a demonstration of the service of a corporate brand or a symbol of admiration for the place, there’s always more than one demanding client, and the work that comes out has to be perfect. Creative surfacing materials are needed to help architects and designers meet the needs of public and institutional spaces. At this point, a wide choice of design; It is very important for architects and designers. In order to meet such demands in the best way, very special products should be preferred.

Unique Designs for Public Spaces

Public and corporate spaces need materials that can both convey the right image and withstand the wear and tear caused by heavy daily traffic. There are surface coating materials that are used to create impressive and large-scale designs with their flawless appearance and feel of hardness, while at the same time offering durability, ease of cleaning and the minimum maintenance that these areas require in the long term. Hard form materials; Used in a wide variety of public and corporate applications, including corporate foyers, wall cladding, outdoor cladding, corridors, elevator walls, staircases, handrails, shopping malls, playgrounds, airport lounges and public squares. It makes a highly effective and innovative use possible.