The quality of the surface solution is very important in nautical designs. Surface coating products that have an aesthetic and stylish appearance, as well as a functional use; It also draws attention with its wide color options.

Unmatched Performance

Non-porous and thermoformable acrylic solid surface products blend seamlessly into life on the sea. Resistant to sun, salt and wind, and highly durable, they are an ideal solution for nautical designs. There are different color options. Depending on the color used, the product can be warm and inviting, stylish and luxurious. In addition, it offers a very practical use. It is very easy to maintain and prevents mold growth when properly cleaned.

Unlimited Versatility

Acrylic solid surface coatings offer an innovative solution for numerous nautical design applications, whether on board or inside; It is used in many areas, especially cabin decorations and shower areas, kitchens and restaurants, gymnasiums and roulette tables. In addition to its aesthetic and stylish details, it also enables a functional use.