Each of the products used in the design of a store has an extraordinary effect on the decoration of the store. Acrylic solid surface surface coating materials are frequently preferred products in store designs. Store surfaces should be covered using hygienic, aesthetic and quality surface coating materials.

Kaliteli, Estetik ve Şık Yüzey Kaplamaları

There are unlimited options in DNA, Corian and Staron Acrylic solid surface materials. Each of these options enables the store areas to reach an aesthetic and functional structure.

Acrylic solid surface products, which are preferred in store designs, are very functional. It can be shaped to fit in tight spaces or create impressive effects. It can be shaped easily. Because certain colors are translucent, they are suitable for backlighting to add additional visual impact. Such products, which are used in store design, make a unique use possible thanks to their extraordinary features. Being easy to clean ensures hygienic usage. For this reason, it is often preferred in store designs.